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Project Name: Diepsloop East Residential Development

Diepsloot East Residential Development is a mixed use development that is located east of the existing Diepsloot Township, City of Johannesburg. The development aims to provide approximately 11 000 units for residents from the over populated Diepsloot Township. The property is approximately 224 hectares and will provide erven for the following lad uses: residential, commercial / business, community facilities, churches, educational facilities, sport facilities and parks / open space. The project is a Gauteng Department of Human Settlement Project.

Title Modified date Download File Download Size
Draft EMPr 13/10/2015 Download 2.5MB
Final EIR 18/01/2016 Download 7.1MB
Specialist Study_Giant Bullfrog EMP 13/10/2015 Download 1.1MB
Specialist Study_Habitat Assessment 13/10/2015 Download 1.2MB
Specialist Study_Heritage 13/10/2015 Download 1.2MB
Specialist Study_Hydropedology 13/10/2015 Download 7.8MB
Specialist Study_Wetland Part 1 13/10/2015 Download 5.6MB
Specialist Study_Wetland Part 2 13/10/2015 Download 5MB
Storm Water Management Plan 13/10/2015 Download 6.7MB
Urban Development Framework 13/10/2015 Download 7.9MB
Waste Disposal Management Plan 13/10/2015 Download 167.9KB
Project Status:

Current Phase of the Project: Environmental Authorisation received