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Project Name: Westdene Dam

An Environmental Impact Assessment: Basic Assessment (BA) is being conducted for the Proposed Westdene Dam / Park Upgrade located in Westdene (Ward 69) on portion 33 of the Farm Braamfontein 53 IR (also known as Westdene dam), situated within the City of Johannesburg Municipality. The proposed upgrade forms part of Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo’s greater plan to re-develop the Empriore – Perth corridor, which falls within the Corridors of Freedom. The proposed upgrade will entail sporting facilities, out door gym area, children play areas, bird hide and upgrade of dam in and outlets. 

Title Modified date Download File Download Size
Design Report 19/02/2016 Download 321.8KB
Final BAR 13/10/2015 Download 667.4KB
Final BAR Cover Letter 13/10/2015 Download 2.4MB
Final EMPr 13/10/2015 Download 2.5MB
Proposed Layout 13/10/2015 Download 1.8MB
Secialist Study_Avifauna 13/10/2015 Download 1.5MB
Specialist Study_Aquatic 13/10/2015 Download 6.7MB
Specialist Study_Geotech 13/10/2015 Download 5.9MB
Specialist Study_Heritage 13/10/2015 Download 5MB
Specialist Study_Herpetofauna 13/10/2015 Download 1.2MB
Specialist Study_Mammals 13/10/2015 Download 1.3MB
Specialist Study_Traffic 13/10/2015 Download 5.4MB
Specialist Study_Vegetation 13/10/2015 Download 1.9MB
Project Status:

Current Phase of the Project: Cnstruction of Phase 1 has commenced.