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Project Name: CoE Botanical Garden


The development of a botanical garden for the City of Ekurhuleni (CoE) was identified by the Mayoral Committee as part of the Strategic Plan for the City.  Newtown Landscape Architects (NLA) were appointed by Ekurhuleni Department of Environmental Resource & Waste Management to conduct the environmental impact assessment for the new proposed municipal botanical garden and related infrastructure  for the City of Ekurhuleni. 


The proposed Botanical Garden and related activites identified could  contribute, not only to the integrity of this open space and ecological value, but also play a significant role in

Title Modified date Download File Download Size
Aquatic Ecological Delineation Report 20/08/2021 Download 6.1MB
Avifauna Assessment 20/08/2021 Download 3.5MB
Fauna Assessment 20/08/2021 Download 2.2MB
Flora Assessment 20/08/2021 Download 2.6MB
Locality Map 20/08/2021 Download bytes
Locality Map - Municipal Boundary 20/08/2021 Download bytes
Master Plan report 20/08/2021 Download 8.1MB
Protected areas map 20/08/2021 Download bytes
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