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Project Name: Vlakdrift Agricultural Commonage

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is being conducted for the proposed Vlakdrift Agricultural Commonage, located in Tarlton, Mogale City Local Municipality (MCLM).  The proposed project entails the development of agricultural park including tunnels, packaging facility and accommodation for staff.  The proposed development aims to provide a platform for the local community / beneficiaries to obtain farming skills and providing employment opportunity. 

Title Modified date Download File Download Size
Draft EIA Report 13/10/2015 Download 3.4MB
Draft EMPr 13/10/2015 Download 1.6MB
Facility Illustration 15/01/2016 Download 200KB
Facility Illustration Elevation 02/02/2016 Download 1.1MB
Facility Illustration_Site Plan 02/02/2016 Download 1.2MB
Specialist Study_Avifauna 13/10/2015 Download 1.6MB
Specialist Study_Heritage 13/10/2015 Download 2.7MB
Specialist Study_Mammals 13/10/2015 Download 1.5MB
Specialist Study_Overall Sensitivity 13/10/2015 Download 213.7KB
Specialist Study_Vegetation 13/10/2015 Download 2.4MB
Specilist Study_Agricultural 13/10/2015 Download 5.8MB
Specilist Study_Ridges 13/10/2015 Download 729.5KB
Specilist Study_Wetland 13/10/2015 Download 1.2MB
Project Status:

 Current phase of project: Environmental Authorisation received