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Project Name: African Leadership Academy


African Leadership Academy (ALA) is upgrading their storm water management system in order to prevent flooding during the rainy season. As part of the upgrade of the storm water system is the rehabilitation of the stream that runs along the eastern boundary. The upgrade will include the construction of several weirs in the stream as well as attenuation facilities on campus in order to manage the runoff from campus and surrounding areas into the stream. In order to obtain the necessary authorisations a Basic Assessment and General Authorisation Process will be followed.

Title Modified date Download File Download Size
Draft Basic Assessment 26/04/2017 Download 899.7KB
Draft Basic Assessment Cover Letter 26/04/2017 Download 4.1MB
Draft EMPr 26/04/2017 Download 3.7MB
Layout of Project Activities 26/04/2017 Download bytes
Layout Plan 24/04/2017 Download 1.9MB
Public Participation - Notice 24/04/2017 Download 1.1MB
Specialist Study - Avifauna Assessment 24/04/2017 Download 1.2MB
Specialist Study - Flora Assessment 24/04/2017 Download 1.5MB
Specialist Study - Mammal Assessment 24/04/2017 Download 1.8MB
Specialist Study - Wetland Delineation 24/04/2017 Download 4.4MB
Project Status:

Final BA Report was submitted to GDARD for approval.